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KNX MDT Push-button 55: Now available with new functions

The new generation of the MDT Assortment, Push-button 55 and MDT Push-button Plus 55 offering new functions.

Switching, dimming, or moving the blinds to control a KNX-System the KNX user requires Push-buttons. The MDT KNXperts have developed a new generation of the MDT Assortment, Push-button 55 and Push-button Plus 55, offering new functions.

A result of continuous development of the KNX MDT Push-buttons 55 and 55 Plus is an innovative group control which can be activated with a long / extra-long button press. As an example, with a long press, a single blind or shutter can be raised or lowered. By extending the length of time the button is operated, the function an extra-long press is activated, allowing all shutters, or blinds in a room (group) to be operated centrally from the same button. A further new function is the control of two objects by a short/long press of a button. Additionally, MDT has increased the number of logic blocks within the KNX Push-button Plus 55 series .02 to a total of four logic blocks. In both KNX Push-buttons, BE-TA550x.x2 und BE-TA55Px.x2, up to four values can be stored for individual scenes and activated accordingly.

The MDT Push-button Plus 55 | series .02 has additionally Operation / Status LEDs (Red / Green) as well as an independently controllable orientation light. The LED priority can be controlled via an integrated switching object.

Maintaining our design line, the MDT Assortment, Push-button 55 and Push-button Plus 55 with 2-, 4-, 6-, and 8-fold variations are a perfect fit for the switch ranges of multiple manufactures, whose 55 mm frame variations are globally available (e.g., GIRA, BERKER, JUNG, MERTEN, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC).