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We develop and produce in Germany future-proof KNX technology for smart building automation –

Made in Germany.

Our new product catalogue

Valid from october 1st, 2023

In our new product catalogue you will find our entire KNX product portfolio, including our new black range. From actuators and sensors to our system components - we offer one of the most comprehensive KNX ranges on the market. 

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Presence detector 360° L3 TS

Presence detector with 3 sensors and temperature sensor

Art.-Nr.: SCN-P360L3-03
  • 3 sensors with lens for presence detection
  • Adjustable trigger- and Presence sensitivity for day, night and Alarm
  • Range 11 m Ø, presence 5 m Ø
  • 3 light channels, individual evaluation of sensors
  • 1 HVAC and 1 alarm / notification channel.
  • Short time presence to reduce the time lapse
  • Integrated Temperature sensor
  • Input for an external push-button with release time
  • Intelligent switchover function for automatic / manual operation
  • Blocking- and forced function with release time
  • Extensive day / night function with 2nd switching object
  • Integrated white LED night light

Object Server VisuControl EASY II


Art.-Nr.: VC-EASY.03
  • For visualisation of current building conditions and interactive control of building functions via the Android and iOS App
  • Visualisation and operation of lighting, blinds, room temperature, status, Scenes, media data, weather data and more
  • Up to 200 Functions can be visualised
  • Individual allocation in rooms, zones, or groups
  • Separate Status Object
  • HSV or RGB colour control
  • Graphical user interface is created automatically
  • Up to 4 IP cameras per Object server
  • KNX Secure enabled
  • Connection to the MDT Time switch
  • Recording and display of Data in up to 8 diagrams
  • Integrated VPN support
  • IP Interface (4 Connections simultaneously, bus programming)
  • E-mail function for sending messages and status reports
  • Time server for sending date / time to the KNX bus
  • Logic function for grouped notification
  • Secure data transfer between the Object server and App
  • The App supports multiple object servers
  • Easy configuration with ETS 5 / 6 without extra Software
  • Power supply via KNX Bus, no external power supply required
  • VisuControl II for KNX App is available free of charge in the Google Play Store and in the Apple App Store

New series: Glass Push-button II Smart .02

Version with 4 / 6 / 8 / 12 buttons

Art.-Nr.: BE-GT20W.02

New functions series .02:

  • Innovative group control with long/extra long operation / Keystroke
  • New mapping function for convenient function allocation
  • Extended info display with up to 3 lines and up to 6 measured values
  • Modern Icons (Icon upload)
  • Slap function with new range of functions

Glass Push-button II Smart with temperature sensor:

  • With temperature sensor for room temperature measurement
  • Additional functions to set temperature and operating mode
  • Application as RTC in combination with AKH heating actuator

Push-button 55 | series .02

Version with 2 / 4 / 6 / 8 buttons

Art.-Nr.: BE-TA5502.02
  • Fits 55 mm systems / ranges
  • Middle text field with cover foil for individual labelling
  • Push-buttons can be programmed for 1 or 2 button operation
  • Single- and double button operation for Switching, Dimming, Blinds, Values
  • Innovative group control with long / extra long operation
  • Value / Scenes toggle with up to 4 values
  • Short / long button push and 2 objects
  • Installation in an installation box with included support ring
  • Integrated bus coupler

Push-button Plus 55 | series .02

LED for operation / status

Art.-Nr.: BE-TA55P2.02
  • Middle text field with cover foil for individual labelling
  • Push-buttons can be programmed for 1 or 2 button operation
  • LED for operation / status and orientation light
  • Single- and double button operation for Switching, Dimming, Blinds, Values
  • Innovative group control with long / extra long operation
  • Value / Scenes toggle with up to 4 values
  • Short / long button push and 2 objects
  • 2 / 4 / 6 / 8 Operation/Status LEDs (Red / Green) and Orientation light independently controllable
  • Switch object to control the Led priority


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