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Glass Presence Detector


The MDT Glass Presence Detector is available in two versions. 3 pyro sensors and a high-resolution lens detect even the smallest movements.

    • Feature: Motion Detector
    • Colour: White
    • Temperature Sensor: Yes
    • Mounting: Ceiling
    • Sensors: 3
    • Hkl Channel: Yes
    • Reach: 11m
    • Constant Light Control: Yes
    • Max. Range (Ø) Presence: 5m

    Product features

    • Upgraded application
    • White glass front, integrated temperature sensor
    • 3 pyro detectors with lens for presence detection
    • Adjustable trigger and presence sensitivity for day, night and alarm
    • Coverage 11 m Ø, presence 5 m Ø
    • Up to 4 light channels, sensors can be evaluated individually
    • HVAC and alarm / notification channel
    • Short-term presence to reduce the follow-up time
    • Intelligent switching function for automatic / manual operation
    • Lock and forced guidance function
    • Extensive day / night function with second switch object
    • Integrated white LED night light
    • Orientation light function for leaving the room
    • Avoidance of false reports for the alarm channel by reducing the sensitivity and adjustable observation window
    • Production in Germany, certified according to ISO 9001
    • 3 year warranty

      Available Variants of this series:


      • Colour: White
      • Temperature Sensor: Yes
      • Constant Light Control: Yes


      • Colour: White
      • Temperature Sensor: Yes


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