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Central Operation Unit Smart 86


The Central Operation Unit Smart 86 combines a large number of functions in one device and serves as a central control unit for your Smart Home. The integrated astronomical timer moves the blinds up in the morning automatically and down again after sunset. In addition, the outdoor lighting and the basic lighting are switched on in the house at sunset until midnight. All timer functions and switching times are individually adjustable.

You can for Example set the comfort temperature individually for all rooms, or activate automatic shading via the menu control. You can also lock your blinds for window cleaning or activate your KNX alarm system via the integrated code lock.

Four sensor surfaces are available for selected direct operating functions. Twenty further functions can be controlled via menu and / or time switch. Overall, all functions can be operated intuitively and conveniently with the 6 sensor surfaces. The large active colour display shows indoor / outdoor temperature, temperature set points, date / time, sunrise / sunset, clear text and alarm messages are visualised. The Central Operation Unit Smart 86 is the ideal complement to the Glass Push Button II Smart. The recommended mounting height is 1,6 m.

  • Colour: Pure white gloss
  • Functional Areas: 6-fold
  • Status Display: Yes
  • Colour Display: Yes
  • Digital Labeling: Yes
  • Temperature Sensor: Yes
  • Integrated Timer: Yes
  • Room Temperature Controller: Yes
  • Holiday Function: Yes
  • Assortment: freie Montage

Product features

  • Large, active color display (automatic brightness adjustment)
  • Four direct operating functions (e.g. present, light, blinds)
  • 20 operating functions via menu / time switch (e.g. dimmer / shutter / switching / send values / scenes / temperature set points)
  • Code lock with 4-6 digits, to lock and unlock the device or alarm activation
  • Daily / weekly / astronomical time switch (20 channels each with 6 switching times)
  • Holiday function with time period activation
  • Automatic calculation of public holidays
  • Comfortable room temperature controller with temp. sensor
  • Ventilation control (manual or automatic)
  • Visualization of inside / outside temperature, setpoint, time / date
  • Visualization of status information / messages (1 Bit / 14 Byte)
  • 6 status LEDs independently controllable
  • 6 logic blocks each with 4 inputs
  • No additional power supply required
  • Installation in a switch box, Recommended installation height: 1.6 m
  • Dimensions (W x H): 86 mm x 86 mm
  • Production in Germany, certified according to ISO 9001
  • 3 year warranty

Available Variants of this series:


  • Colour: Pure white gloss


Productdatabase ETS5/6V1.3 knxprod
Device Configuration App (DCA) ETS5/6
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V1.3 etsapp
Project planning information pdf
Datasheet pdf
Assembly and operational instructions pdf
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Productdatabase ETS5/6

Version: V1.3
Download: knxprod


Device Configuration App (DCA) ETS5/6
to upload icons

Version: V1.3
Download: etsapp

Project planning information
Download: pdf

Download: pdf

Assembly and operational instructions
Download: pdf

Tender texts
Download: Link

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