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DALI Control IP64 Gateway


The MDT DALI Control IP64 Gateway receive KNX / EIB telegrams and enables the classic control of 16 DALI groups plus individual control of the ECG.

  • Installation Type: MDRC
  • Dali: Yes
  • Device width: 4SU
  • HSV Colour control: Yes
  • RGB Colour control: Yes
  • RGBW Colour control: Yes
  • Tuneablewhite Colour control: Yes

Product features

  • Individual control of up to 64 ECG / 16 DALI groups
  • Supports DALI and DALI-2 standard, as well as DALI DT6 / DT8 ECG
  • Innovative HSV color control, RGB, RGBW and XY color according to Dali DT8 standard (16 DALI groups)
  • Tunable White, color temperature control (16 DALI groups)
  • Operation modes incl. normal operation, continuous operation, night operation, stairwell operation and panic operation
  • Test mode for systems with emergency lights that were supplied through central batteries
  • Support of single battery emergency lights DT-1
  • Integrated color control module for time-dependent control
  • Manual operation for all 16 groups
  • 16 scenes with individual dimming times
  • Energy saving function for switching off the ECGs in the 16 DALI groups (via additional KNX switch actuator)
  • Simple group attribution directly on the device
  • Dali commissioning via web browser or directly on the device display
  • Fault detection of lamp faults and faulty ECGs
  • Quick exchange of ECG
  • Free DCA app for commissioning the DALI bus system
  • Commissioning with ETS5 or higher
  • Production in Germany certified according to ISO 9001
  • 3 year warranty

Available Variants of this series:


  • Dali: Yes
  • Device width: 4SU


Productdatabase ETS5/6V1.0a knxprod
Device Configuration App (DCA) ETS5/6V1.1.3.0 etsapp
FirmwareupdatesV3.1.9 zip
Datasheet pdf
Assembly and operational instructions pdf
Technical manual pdf
Functional overview
Comparison DALI Gateways
CAD-drawing zip
Tender textsLink

Productdatabase ETS5/6

Version: V1.0a
Download: knxprod


Device Configuration App (DCA) ETS5/6

Version: V1.1.3.0
Download: etsapp



Version: V3.1.9
Download: zip

Download: pdf

Assembly and operational instructions
Download: pdf

Technical manual
Download: pdf

Functional overview
Comparison DALI Gateways
Download: pdf

Download: zip

Tender texts
Download: Link

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