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New: CO2 / VOC Combi Sensor 55


Combi sensor for measuring the CO2 and mixed gas concentration (VOC), room temperature and relative humidity.

  • Feature: Sensor
  • Colour: Pure white gloss
  • Humidity Sensor: Yes
  • Assortment: 55mm
  • Sensors: 2

Product features

  • Upper and lower threshold value adjustable for each measured value
  • Air quality control function adjustable as step / PI controller for CO2 or VOC sensor
  • 4 step controllers with 1 Bit output or 1 Byte output with adjustable thresholds
  • PI controller with externally adjustable setpoint and adjustable control parameters
  • Air quality lamp function adjustable to CO2 or VOC sensor with 4 color channels and adjustable 1 Bit / scene / RGB or HSV output objects
  • Installation in windproof flush-mounted box with supplied support ring
  • Supply via KNX bus without auxiliary voltage

Available Variants of this series:



  • Colour: Pure white gloss
  • Humidity Sensor: Yes
  • Sensors: 2


Productdatabase ETS5/6 knxprod
Functional overview pdf
Datasheet pdf
Assembly and operational instructions pdf
Technical manual pdf
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