Switch Actuators 
 Switch Actuator AKI Industrial 
 Switch Actuator AMI/AMS  current rating
 Switch Actuator AKS Standard 
 Switch Actuator AZI  active power rating
 Switch Actuator AKK Compact 
 Switch Actuator AKK Compact  flush mounted
 Switch Actuator AKK Compact  Fan coil
 Analog In-/Outputs 
 Analog In-/Output 0-10V 
 Shutter Actuators  
 Shutter Actuator JAL 
 Shutter Actuator JAL  with 4 inputs NEW
 Universal Actuator AKU 
 Dimming Actuators 
 Dimming Actuator AKD NEW
 LED Controller AKD  
 DaliControl Gateway DALI16/32 NEW
 DaliControl IP Gateway DALI64 NEW
 Brightness Sensor 
 Heating Actuators 
 Heating Actuator AKH  
 Binary Inputs 
 Binary Inputs BE 
 Universal Interface BE 
 Bus Power Supplies 
 Bus Power Supply STV 
 Bus Power Supply STC 
 Bus Power Supply STR 
 System Devices
 Line Coupler/USB Interface NEW
 IP Interface/IP Router NEW
 Time Switch 
 Logic Module  
 Safety Module  
 Glass Room Temperature Controller 
 Room Temperature Controllers 
 Temperature Controllers 
 Air Quality Sensor
 Glass Push Button II Smart 
 Glass Push Button II Lite NEW
 Glass Push Button Plus 
 Glass Central Operating Unit Smart  NEW
 Glass Central Operation Unit 
 Push Button Smart 86 NEW
 Push Button Lite 55 NEU
 Central Operating Unit Smart 86 NEW
 Push Button Plus 55 
 LED Indicator
 Weather Sensors 
 Weather Station 
 Rain Sensor 
 Presence Detectors 
 Presence Detector  
 Presence Detector MR16 NEW
 Motion Detector 
 VisuControl Touchpanel 
 VisuControl Easy object server  
 KNX RF+ Wireless 
 KNX RF+ Line Coupler 
 KNX RF+ Glass Push Button 
 KNX RF+ Push Button 
 KNX RF+ Universal Interface  
 KNX RF+ Switch Actuator flush mount
 KNX RF+ Shutter Actuator flush mount
 KNX RF+ Socket 
       Data Protection       

Ranga Yogeshwar presents the TOP 100 Innovation Award 2019 for the fourth time in a row

This year MDT technologies belongs again to the most innovative companies of the German midsized companies. This was the result of the analysis of the scientific director of TOP 100, Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke. Ranga Yogeshwar presented the coveted TOP 100 Innovation Award for the fourth consecutive time in the Frankfurter Jahrhunderthalle at 28th June 2019.

In the independent and demanding selection process, MDT technologies were particularly convincing with its innovation management and their innovation successes. MDT technologies belongs more than four years to the innovation elite of the German midsized companies.

Photo credit: KD Busch / compamedia

These innovations can be found in intelligent buildings such as the Smart Home. This includes, for example, the new Glass Central Operation Unit Smart with its variety of functions. It regulates the heating to the required room temperature, with direct functions lighting scenarios are activated and the astronomical time switch moves the blinds up at sunrise and automatically down at dusk. Special functions such as "at the earliest" prevent the blinds from opening when everyone is still asleep. Homeowners ideally install it in the hallway or in the living room. The large colour display gives you information about the inside and outside temperature, the temperature set points, the times for sunrise and sunset and alarm messages.

"If I go on holiday for 14 days, I can reduce the heating system at the push of a button," says the managing director Hans-Joachim Kremer. Further innovative functions such as the code lock for alarm activation, a holiday function with period activation and automatic calculation of public holidays round off the range of functions.

KNX, the world´s only manufacturer-independent standard for home and building control technology, is used for all these functions and MDT technologies from Engelskirchen is the expert for this. For 25 years, the TOP 100 Seal has stood like no other award for the innovative strength and above-average innovation success of medium-sized companies and attests to their future viability. The fourth consecutive TOP 100 award confirms the product innovations of MDT technologies.

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