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Simple shutter control – The MDT Shutter Push Button Smart

The new KNX Shutter Push Button Smart from MDT brings together all of the information about shading for the user. The function and status (height, slat position, wind/rain/frost alarm) of the shutters can be presented on the active colour display. This means that the user always knows what is currently happening during automatic operation. In order for the user to be able to intervene in the automatic operation when needed, the Shutter Push Button has up/down buttons that can be used to operate the shutter manually.

A highlight of the new push button is the integrated timer switch with eight switching times and power reserve. This makes it possible to have daily, weekly and astro switching functions for the shutters without any other KNX components. The height and slat position can be controlled via the timer switch. The automatic holiday calculation means that staggered movement times can easily be set up. This means that on public holidays the shutters remain closed for as long as they would at the weekend.

The MDT Shutter Push Button Smart is produced at the MDT headquarters in Engelskirchen (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany). It is suitable for 55 mm switching programs and therefore fits in easily with the ranges of many manufacturers.