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The KNX system always in view

The new visualisation

One of the great advantages of a KNX system is that the entire building automation is controlled centrally and efficiently. Via the MDT visualisation, all controllable functions are clearly displayed for the user. MDT has fundamentally revised its visualisation server and the associated app and is launching them on the market at Light & Building with a completely new design. In addition to the revised iOS version, the new visualisation is now also available for Android. 


The userfriendly visulisation is made possible by the VisuControl Easy II object server, which can establish a connection between a KNX bus and any point in the LAN. Together with the MDT VisuControl Easy app, it is thus possible to access one's own KNX system from mobile iOS or Android devices. Up to 250 functions can be visualised.  Thus, the user can operate the lighting, blinds and room temperature via his app. HSV or RGB colour control is also possible. In addition, the user can have various statuses displayed, for example for doors, windows, garage doors or measured values. The extensive e-mail functionality allows status information to be sent from the KNX bus. 


The MDT app supports the management of up to 4 servers, via the database of the VisuControl Easy II, up to 4 webcam URLs, weather data and extensive logic functions for status display can be integrated into the app for each server. In addition, the automatic activation/deactivation of the secure VPN connection via the IPsec protocol is supported. VisuControl Easy II can also be used as an IP interface.  


The app can be downloaded free of charge from the respective app stores and automatically adapts optimally to the smartphone or tablet used (iOS or Android).