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New: Object server VisuControl Easy II

Coming soon: 01/23


For visualization of current building states and interactive control of building functions via Android or iOS App.
Visu Control for KNX app available free of charge in the Android and iOS store.
App suitable for smartphone and tablet with automatic setting of the respective view.

  • Installation Type: MDRC
  • Device width: 2SU
  • Up to 250 functions can be visualized
  • The app supports up to 4 object servers
  • Integrated VPN support
  • Up to 4 IP cameras per object server
  • Visualization and operation of lighting, blinds, room temperature, status, media data, weather data
  • Separate status objects
  • Graphical user interface is generated automatically
  • Individual division into rooms, zones or groups
  • Email function for sending messages and status reports
  • IP interface (4 connections simultaneously, bus programming)
  • Time server to send date / time to the KNX bus
  • Logic function for collective displays
  • HSV or RGB color control
  • IP-Secure capable
  • Simple project planning with ETS 5 / 6 without additional software
  • Power supply via KNX bus, no external power supply required

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