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New: Glass Room Temperature Controller Smart

Glass Room Temperature Controller with automatic setpoint reduction based solar radiation.

  • Feature: Room Temperature Controller
  • Colour: White, Black
  • Status Display: Yes
  • Colour Display: Yes
  • Digital Labeling: Yes
  • Temperature Sensor: Yes
  • Room Temperature Controller: Yes
  • Sensor Buttons: Yes
  • Active colour display to indicate function and status
  • Background colour w / b and display brightness adjustable
  • Display of set and actual temperature
  • For indoor temperature controlling Range -10 to +50 °C
  • Selectable temperature controller (PI, two-position, PWM)
  • Operation as room temperature extension unit possible
  • Simple setpoint adjustment via separate + / - buttons
  • 1 Bit + / -, 1 Byte or 2 Byte absolute object for setpoint adjustment
  • Setpoint values are stored on bus voltage failure
  • Limit values min / max, frost protection alarm, min / max memory
  • Operation mode can be set via Bit / Byte objects
  • Ventilation control by hand or automatic operation
  • 14 Byte object for plain text diagnostic
  • Recommended installation height: 1.60 m
  • Dimensions (W x H): 92 mm x 92 mm

Available Variants of this series:



  • Colour: Black
  • Temperature Sensor: Yes


Productdatabase ETS5/6
from ETS5.7x
V1.0a knxprod
Device Configuration App (DCA) ETS5/6
From ETS5.7.x
V5.1.0.0 etsapp
Datasheet pdf
Assembly and operational instructions pdf
Functional overview pdf
Technical manual pdf

Productdatabase ETS5/6
from ETS5.7x

Version: V1.0a
Download: knxprod


Device Configuration App (DCA) ETS5/6
From ETS5.7.x

Version: V5.1.0.0
Download: etsapp

Download: pdf

Assembly and operational instructions
Download: pdf

Functional overview
Download: pdf

Technical manual
Download: pdf

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