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Monitoring and controlling energy consumption

The new MDT Energy Meters

For smart energy use, consumption must be recorded, especially if a building also generates energy. For this reason, MDT has developed two KNX Energy Meters whose measured values can be used directly in the KNX system without an additional gateway. Both meters can be used as main and intermediate meters and record energy consumed and fed in separately. A price can be stored for each value, so that the consumption costs and the feed-in revenues are transparent at all times. 

The MDT Energy Meter with transformer measurement can record three phases with up to 63A. The three cable conversion current transformers supplied can be fitted very quickly by means of simple folding assembly. In most cases, this meter is perfect for measuring domestic fuse protection in single-family homes. The Energy Meter with direct measurement can record three phases with up to 20A. It is integrated into the consumer circuit, so that, for example, the consumption of the heat pump or the washing machine can be controlled. 

Energy management becomes really smart with the installation of threshold switches. This can be used, for example, to activate consumers when electricity generation is high. If the solar system generates a certain amount of wattage, for example, the wallbox can be activated or the washing machine can be started. In this way, smart energy management with solar power distribution and cost control can be set up for the residents of the house.