Switch Actuators 
 Switch Actuator AKI Industrial  
 Switch Actuator AMI/AMS  current rating
 Switch Actuator AKS Standard 16A NEW
 Switch Actuator AKS Standard 10A NEW
 Switch Actuator AZI  active power rating
 Switch Actuator AKK Compact  
 Switch Actuator AKK Compact  flush mounted
 Switch Actuator AKK Compact  Fan coil
 Analog In-/Outputs 
 Analog In-/Output 0-10V 
 Shutter Actuators  
 Shutter Actuator JAL NEW
 Shutter Actuator JAL  with 4 inputs  
 Universal Actuator AKU NEW
 Universal Actuator AKU  flush mounted NEW
 Dimming Actuators 
 Dimming Actuator AKD  
 LED Controller AKD  
 DALI Control 64 Gateway  NEW
 DaliControl IP Gateway DALI64  
 DALI Control PRO64 Gateway NEW
 Brightness Sensor 
 Heating Actuators 
 Heating Actuator AKH NEW
 Binary Inputs 
 Binary Inputs BE  
 Universal Interface BE  
 Bus Power Supplies 
 Bus Power Supply STV 
 Bus Power Supply STC 
 Bus Power Supply STR 
 System Devices
 Line Coupler/USB Interface  
 IP Interface/IP Router  
 Time Switch NEW
 Logic Module  
 Safety Module  
 Glass Room Temperature Controller 
 Room Temperature Controller 
 Room Temp. Controller Smart 55/63  
 RTC Extension Unit Smart 55/63  
 Object Controller 55/63  
 Room Temperature/Humidy Sensor 55/63  
 Temperature Controllers NEW
 Air Quality Sensor
 Glass Push Button II Smart 
 Glass Push Button II Lite  
 Glass Push Button Plus 
 Glass Central Operating Unit Smart   
 Glass Central Operation Unit 
 Push Button Smart 86  
 Push Button Lite 55 Basic  
 Push Button Lite 55  
 Push Button Smart 55  
 Blind Push Button Smart 55 NEW
 Push Button Lite 63  
 Push Button Smart 63  
 Central Operating Unit Smart 86  
 Push Button Plus 55 
 LED Indicator
Image  60mm system Switzerland 
Image  Push Button Lite 60 CH NEW
Image  Push Button Smart 60 CH NEW
Image  RTR/RTN Smart 60 CH NEW
Image  Motion Detector 60 CH NEW
 Weather Sensors 
 Weather Station 
 Rain Sensor 
 Presence Detectors 
 Presence Detector  
 Presence Detector MR16  
 Motion Detector 55/63 NEW
 VisuControl Touchpanel 
 VisuControl Easy object server  
 KNX RF+ Wireless 
 KNX RF+ Line Coupler 
 KNX RF+ Glass Push Button 
 KNX RF+ Push Button 
 KNX RF+ Universal Interface  
 KNX RF+ Switch Actuator flush mount
 KNX RF+ Shutter Actuator flush mount
 KNX RF+ Socket 
       Data Protection       

MDT technologies: Innovative KNX products from Engelskirchen

MDT technologies is one of the leading producers of KNX products in Germany. In 2016/2017 and 2018 MDT technologies was awarded with the TOP 100 award.

Best quality at a convincing cost performance ratio, user-oriented way of thinking and a close and productive cooperation with customers and employees are the key notes for our company.

For more than 10 years, we successfully meet the requirements of a quality management system and are officially certified to ISO 9001: 2015. The DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015 is the national and international most widely used and most important standard in quality management. It is the basis for our continuous improvement process and quality standard.

>>> MDT DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

The production in Engelskirchen is certified according to ISO9001:2015. More than 25 years' experience in developing and manufacturing of electronic devices guarantee solid products. All products are manufactured and tested with the most modern automatic pick-and-place lines. MDT offers 3 years warranty to all its KNX products.

We offer our customers a wide range of power supplies, binary inputs, switching-, shutter-, heating actuators, push buttons, motion and presence detectors and much more. Additional functions in our products offer an extra benefit for the user. The permanent further development of our product assortment guarantees the best possible and innovative products for our customers.

MDT relies on KNX, the world's only manufacturer independent standard for home and building automation. We offer intelligent and future proof solutions for electricians, planners, system integrators, architects, wholesalers and end customers. Today, comfort, safety and economy are essential requirements in private and functional buildings. MDT offers with its innovative building automation technology the best conditions for this.

Market implementation of innovative KNX products

07/2009      Binary input with integrated logical functions
12/2010      Dimming Actuator for dimmable 230V LED lights
08/2011      Heating Actuator with integrated temperature controller
03/2012      Introduction of the KNX RF+ system mode prototype devices at L&B Frankfurt 2012 (later on specified by the KNX Association)
03/2012      20-fold Switching Actuator, lower costs per channel and up to 40% more space in current distribution boards
10/2012      Glass Push Button 4/8-fold Plus with labeling film
02/2014      KNX LED Controller for RGB/RGBW LED lights with HSV color control (true color dimming)
03/2014      Delivery of the first KNX RF+ system mode devices
04/2015      IP Interface with email and time server function, no external power supply required
05/2015      Redundant Bus Power Supply to increase operation reliability
03/2016      Shutter Actuators with integrated ventilation function and sun position calculation
08/2016      Glass Push button II Smart with actice display and individual loadable icons
01/2017      Line Coupler with security to block the access from subline
03/2018      Flush mounted Shutter Actuator with practical ventilation function and sun position calculation
03/2018      Push Button Smart 86 in plastic white shiny finsh with active coloured display and mechanical keys with tactile pressure point
12/2018      Glass Central Operation Unit Smart with automatic calculation of public holidays
05/2019      Glass Push Button II Lite with innovative group control and multiple operation

All the products above have new functions which were not available before in the KNX market.